American War of Independence

Reminiscence of history

American war of independence, during the 1600’s and 1700’s many people from the British Isles settled in North America. The places where they made their new homes were called colonies. These were ruled by Britain. In 1776 people living in these thirteen colonies joined forces to fight the British. They wanted their freedom. They were angered by the fact that Britain taxed them but allowed them no representation in parliament. On July 4, 1776, they signed the Declaration of independence. The British government refused to accept it. Under George Washington’s command, the colonist’s army began to defeat the British. France, Spain and the Netherlands all joined the colonists -side. The six year war ended in October 1781, when the British surrendered at Yorktown. In 1783, in the Treaty of Paris, the British agreed to the independence of the 13 colonies as the United States of America. In 1789, Washington became the first president of the United States. 4 July is celebrated as Independence Day in USA and is a national holiday.


Luis- Between 814 and 1824, there were 18 French kings called Louis, known as the `sun king’, Louis XIV was the most illustrious of them all. He became king before he was 5 years old and ruled France the longest -for 72 years. He built a great place at Versailles. It looks 50 years to complete this. He made himself very powerful and fought countries. But his wars extravagance and autocratic rule were to lead eventually to the French revolution. Louis XVI (1754 -1793) was beheaded after the French revolution. Luis XVII (1755-1824) was given the throne when Napoleon was defeated in 1814.

Charles I – 1600 to 1649

Charles known in history as the only British king against whom his people rebelled and executed him. He became the king in 1625. His marriage to a Catholic princess and bad judgments made him unpopular and brought him into conflict with parliament. A civil was broke out when he attempted to arrest five members of the parliament. Forces of parliament under the command of Oliver Cromwell defeated him. He was brought to trail in 1648, and was beheaded on January 30, 1649.

In 1660, after being ruled by Oliver Cromwell for ten years, the English invited Charles II, the son of Charles I, to take back the crown, thus England again returned to monarchy.

Crimean war -1854 to 1856

It Fought between Russian one side and Turkey, France and Britain on the other to check the Russian expansion towards the Mediterranean Sea. The war was fought out on the Crimean peninsula in the Black sea and the Russian army was pushed back. This battle is infamous for the disastrous charge of the light brigade at balaclava in Crimea causing heavy casualties to the British soldiers.